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We provide a unique oppurtunity to earn an accreditted degree based on your work expereince in the Middle East, unleach your potential and improve your career by earning a degree in your field of expertise. read more
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Ambassador University Corporation

Head Management Address:
8 Copthall
Roseau 00152
Commonwealth Of Dominica

Email: info@ambassador-university.com
Tel: +1-202-470-6354
Fax: +1-202-204-0803

USA Mailing Address:
P.O.Box # J.E.D 1558
147-29 182nd St.
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

UK Mailing Address:
P.O.Box # J.E.D 793
AR.EX House, 11 Willow Rd., Colnbrook
Slough, Berkshire SL3 0BS

Financial, Administrative & Academic Oversight Agents:

  1. UDEX Company for Higher Education Services
    Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
  2. Through Institution Training & Consulting
    International Call Center Via UAE/Dubai Customer Serivce: +88-216-777 32088
    International Call Center Via UAE/Dubai Fax: +88-216-777 32095
    International Call Center Via Mobily,SA Customer Serivce: +966-54-488 8815
    International Call Center Via Mobily,SA Fax: +966-54-488 8814

Calling Hours:

Daily from 11 AM to 7 PM GMT / Thursday from 7 AM to 3 PM GMT

UDEX Company for Higher Education Services based in Egypt is a subsidiary of UDEX Company for Academic & Educational Consultancy in co-operation with UDEX University & Learning Association.
As of such we have appointed UDEX Company for Higher Education Services as our exclusive agents in regards to operational, services and follow up activities in the Middle East area. Also Through Institution Training & Consulting, Bahrain/Manama

Please use the Form below to contact us directly:

Enter Your Name:
Email Address:
Message Subject:
Enter Your Message:

We will reply to your e-mail within 1-3 months, if your inquiry is urgent please fax it instead to (+88-216-777 32095 / +966-54-488 8814) and will reply within 3 business days. Please make sure to mention your Country, Telephone Number, Fax Number including international dialing keys/prefixes.

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Welcome to Ambassador University Corporation Website

Earn your Degree in Only 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree) based on your Work & Life Experience

We offer an extensive list of Majors covering most areas, unlock your potential by earning an accredited Degree in your area of expertise...

Bachelor Degree
Your Degree Package Includes:
1 Original Accredited Degree
1 Original Transcripts
1 Award of Excellence
1 Certificate of Distinction
1 Certificate of Membership
1 Education Verification Letters
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