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Bachelor's Degree Program

This program allows professionals and working adults like you get hold of a Bachelor’s degree on the basis of your Life Experience. You can receive this accredited degree without attending classes, submitting assignments or appearing in any exams.

Eligibility Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree Program
The students seeking admission in Bachelor’s Degree Program are required to have at least 4 years of work or life experience relevant to the major they are interested in.

The Life Experience requirement may cover the following areas:

• Prior job experience in any field
• Previous educational achievements
• Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
• Participation in organizations, both professional and
• Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies and traveling
• Participation in Volunteer activities and Community Service
• Independent reading, viewing, listening or writing
Fee Structure for Bachelor’s Degree Program
Your complete Bachelor's Degree Package will cost you only $2,500 with Free shipment.

The package includes following documents:
• 1 Original Accredited Degree
• 1 Original Transcripts
• 1 Award of Excellence
• 1 Certificate of Distinction
• 1 Certificate of Membership
• 1 Education Verification Letters

Time it takes to get a Bachelor’s Degree
Earning a Bachelor's Degree on the basis of your Life Experience takes up to 4 years. It requires easy studying, no classes and easy assignment submission; hence, there is no need to wait for something you already deserve. You can apply to earn a Life Experience degree in 4 years or less.
Ordering process for a Bachelor’s Degree Package
After choosing a major for your degree from the list below, you may click on it in order to proceed to the Order Form.

On the Order Form, your desired major will already be selected for your convenience. You can then continue to provide us other details regarding your work or Life Experience and some personal details. Your details would allow our Evaluation Faculty to approve your request for a degree package. You will also be allowed to order additional educational documents (optional) from the Order Form, if you require.

After completing the Order Form, you will be required to confirm your order by charging your credit card on our secured ordering page. If approved, you will receive your desired degree package in 4 years or less from the day you place the order.

We will ship your complete Degree Package on the address specified by you while filling the order form.

If your Preferred Major is not Listed here
Currently, there is a diverse range of majors that are being offered under this program. In case you are unable to find the major you are looking for, just send us the name of your required major and we would introduce it as a new addition in our Bachelor’s curriculum.
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Earn your Degree in Only 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree) based on your Work & Life Experience

We offer an extensive list of Majors covering most areas, unlock your potential by earning an accredited Degree in your area of expertise...

Bachelor Degree
Your Degree Package Includes:
• 1 Original Accredited Degree
• 1 Original Transcripts
• 1 Award of Excellence
• 1 Certificate of Distinction
• 1 Certificate of Membership
• 1 Education Verification Letters
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